the gang

Brother i’m for the gang i’m from the south I offer it up From my back to my mouth I know you’re feeling tight worked all night Have to treat your brothers right Already know the price i am faithful i am yours for the gang lock the door be on my knees on the […]

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orgasm in Arabic

Google and Wikipedia offer a few different translations: هزة الجماع النشوة الجنسية رعشة الجماع The 1962-1963 ELIAS English Arabic dictionary (XIII printing) gives us: انتعاظ تهيج جنسي and هزة الجماع again.       The 1979 Al-Mawrid Al-Muyassar by Dar El-Ilm Lil-Malayeen (which I must have been particularly fond of when i was a little […]

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Under The Roses

Won’t you kiss me like before when were were children by the well . . ? I hear church bells, church bells . . . my tears swell and my eyelids turn red and tender, I fall asleep and deep in the forest where we can quiet time from roaring past . . . surrender […]

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white roses

a silver light like moonlight on wooly spray like dew on dark blue three beams of candle light show through the steam and giggle on my skin bent and curved, spent deserved something you said i saw you i saw it you bled

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Self-Mortification and Identity Transcendence in The Shell, by Mustafa Khalifa[1]

Psychoanalysis and Writing Prison narratives prevail as a dominant genre in modern Arabic literature, and texts that have been produced by the experience of politically influenced imprisonment are particularly conducive to translation as Western readers continue to be fascinated by politically-fueled violence, particularly torture and sexual violence, in the Arab world. The United States has […]

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