Feed Me Diamonds

I’m here if you want to hang me up and bleed me, my love for you, it’s simple, blindness  . . . hypnosis  . . . In the silence, as usual it’s useless to resist You do what you want to: feed me diamonds, feel my body shaking, swollen like a hurricane, bite at the […]

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Schizophrenia, by Nizar Qabbani

Translated by Reemah Rose al-Urfali I Between us is a rough love affair I wouldn’t think of resisting or protesting. For true love is always a difficult love, and is not received on a chariot drawn by angels. Nor do we find it hidden like the moon shining under our bed sheets… Neither like a […]

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Obsession II

In our love game, you glitter high up in the black majestic, perfect, you get me every time you land on my planet pure silvery wine intoxicated by your essence you lift my chin up, pour in then drip down my spine .. Why do you defy me? said the look in your eyes … […]

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Criminalizing Islam

Criminalizing Islam: Islamophobia as an Apparatus of Punishment and Social Alienation   Introduction It must be said that deciding to write about Islamophobia in America is a choice I make not without some hesitation. I choose to address it firstly because it is specific and easily recognizable – though this does not reduce from its […]

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