Obsession II

In our love game,

you glitter high up in the black

majestic, perfect, you get me every time

you land on my planet

pure silvery wine

intoxicated by your essence

you lift my chin up, pour in

then drip down my spine ..

Why do you defy me?

said the look in your eyes …

Wasn’t I was worth the time …?

You’re always hurried ..

when you walk through the door, I turn the hour glass

you’re slipping already .. the precious grains hiss

you tell me: turn around ..

we’re invisible

gas like spirits

sticky spit

slender waist and wide hips

black eyes and thick lips

i swallow your kiss

separately sick

you tuck me into my bed

you tell me to sleep

I sink desperately

love sick

how dare you…

like this?

i dream I’ll wake up next to you

in the morning

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