Back to Japanese after 10 years, Spring Semester 2018

So, I have been wanting to study Chinese forever… The closest I ever got was when I took first year Japanese as an undergraduate. This developed into a love for Japan, and well you know I worked as an English teacher in Japan for a time.
I haven’t studied Japanese formally since 2008! I have picked up the grammar and sayings over the years, but Chinese characters are still a mystery to me. It seems that, though I am registered for Japanese … I am studying Chinese!!
I made a little comment in class “Can’t we just use Hiragana only?” (the alphabet that I know to read) snubbing Chinese influence …. oops!! Was I being a Japanese nationalist? Speaking of nationalism, I am taking a class with on Nationalism in the Middle East. Wow… what a syllabus!
Kanji quiz in the morning!!

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