the gang

Brother i’m for the gang i’m from the south I offer it up From my back to my mouth I know you’re feeling tight worked all night Have to treat your brothers right Already know the price i am faithful i am yours for the gang lock the door be on my knees on the […]

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orgasm in Arabic

Google and Wikipedia offer a few different translations: هزة الجماع النشوة الجنسية رعشة الجماع The 1962-1963 ELIAS English Arabic dictionary (XIII printing) gives us: انتعاظ تهيج جنسي and هزة الجماع again.       The 1979 Al-Mawrid Al-Muyassar by Dar El-Ilm Lil-Malayeen (which I must have been particularly fond of when i was a little […]

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Under The Roses

Won’t you kiss me like before when were were children by the well . . ? I hear church bells, church bells . . . my tears swell and my eyelids turn red and tender, I fall asleep and deep in the forest where we can quiet time from roaring past . . . surrender […]

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