Under The Roses

Won’t you kiss me like before

when were were children

by the well . . ?

I hear church bells,

church bells . . .

my tears swell and my eyelids turn red and tender,

I fall asleep and deep in the forest

where we can quiet time

from roaring past . . .

surrender . .

from behind a waterfall

it’s just us, anyway . .

I close my eyes for eternity

and bury my face in your chest,

you’re so warm to the touch . .

I feel your blood in a rush to the surface,

“Shhh… just rest… shh… is it okay..? ”

and through my muffled screams

through lilies and in pearly streams

you silence me and

gently in vanilla scented dreams,

you press the memories away

and your eyes glow like moonlight

and promise me everything will be all right . .

it’s just us . . .

under the roses . . .

in twilight . . .


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