Separated (Your Black Princess)

Separated —-

I still remember the feeling

and your voice

at the center flinching

in the middle

of your telescopic lens

cross hairs

pierce into me

have you forgotten?

Didn’t you say

Don’t be shy in front of me,


it’s yours

and . . . .

from under

your smoldering eyes

and heavy body

little drops

didn’t you

poison me

and then

put me on top . . ?

I want to stay that way

sweet skin


we kiss to kill the pain

I need you everyday . .

so waiting for your return

i won’t complain

i’ve waited this long

already…. trembling

mumbling your name

blindly insanity

i promised i’ll love you

as long as the winter is cold

you gave me freedom

so violently

left my heart choking

on empty light

lock me in, I’m devoted, floating

crown on my hair so

it’s your time to bleed

I go deep, dripping down my cheek

signed and sealed

the one in the silk dress

— your black princess

Feed Me Diamonds

I’m here if you want to

hang me up and bleed me,

my love for you, it’s simple,

blindness  . . .

hypnosis  . . .

In the silence, as usual

it’s useless to resist

You do what you want to:

feed me diamonds,

feel my body shaking,

swollen like a hurricane,

bite at the tips of my fingers,

frozen in prison

under your sugar halo.

I read him my confession,

and here is my sin:

I water the roses,

and take off my clothes.

It’s like this,

I believe in you,

so come on, lie to me,

hold me, drop me, let me go,

feed me diamonds  . .

I love you, so

don’t leave me  . . . please  . . . .

feed me diamonds  . . . . .

Obsession II

In our love game,

you glitter high up in the black

majestic, perfect, you get me every time

you land on my planet

pure silvery wine

intoxicated by your essence

you lift my chin up, pour in

then drip down my spine ..

Why do you defy me?

said the look in your eyes …

Wasn’t I was worth the time …?

You’re always hurried ..

when you walk through the door, I turn the hour glass

you’re slipping already .. the precious grains hiss

you tell me: turn around ..

we’re invisible

gas like spirits

sticky spit

slender waist and wide hips

black eyes and thick lips

i swallow your kiss

separately sick

you tuck me into my bed

you tell me to sleep

I sink desperately

love sick

how dare you…

like this?

i dream I’ll wake up next to you

in the morning