Don’t Cry

Heaven is a hospital

where we suffer in silence

faces pressed down patients

pillow talking after dark

and we whisper promises

we tell the truth

the doctors there

serve the sick rosewater

to wash their wounds

yes that’s where

I’ll find you

we’ll be laughing


lying still

pressed against the plastic

we’ll be together forever

waiting for our next codeine pill

we’ll forget the world while

our blood pools and dries then revives…

The bandages are made from cotton and

the needles from steel

White linen..

and your soft face..

White roses stand in glass bottles

in every window sill..

Helium balloons tied

in a silk blue bow tie..

Ribbon on my wrist

where they left me bleeding

drowning deep in my madness

it’s a high point, feeling nothing

teetering on tippy toes

in my cotton gown..

I squeeze your hand

and in suspense

you feel for my waist..

There I find you acting

as my sole guardian,

the gentle handler in charge of

my frozen heart,

tending to the blood,

sweat, and the rot..

In the evening

at my bedside

turn off the candles

lean into the metal cradle

move the hair from my face

kiss me good night

kissing your hands

tied inside delicate lace

I’ll float to outer space

and sink into golden sand..

Gang / Kissing you from R+J

This week I recorded At the end of the week, and after having much needed sleep, I recorded Gang and also a sing along with one of my favorite tracks from the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack from 1996. I am not sure what they have to do with one another beside the common theme of painful love. In Romeo and Juliet, the Montagues and Capulets in the 1996 film are portrayed as mega-rich property owning families whose young men behavior causes strife and conflict all over the city in some kind of anarchistic passion play of family loyalty.

Brother i’m for the gang

i’m from the south

I offer it up

From my back to my mouth

I know you’re feeling tight

worked all night

Have to treat your brothers right

Already know the price

i am faithful i am yours

for the gang

lock the door be on my knees on the floor

don’t know my name any more

In the gang on all fours

I’m a dog

Steady eyes and no surprises

you move slowly

do you feel the light?

pay a human sacrifice

Feb. 21 2018 Harlem


orgasm in Arabic

Google and Wikipedia offer a few different translations:

هزة الجماع

النشوة الجنسية

رعشة الجماع

The 1962-1963 ELIAS English Arabic dictionary (XIII printing) gives us:


تهيج جنسي

and هزة الجماع again.




The 1979 Al-Mawrid Al-Muyassar by Dar El-Ilm Lil-Malayeen (which I must have been particularly fond of when i was a little girl for its photographs and illustrations) forgoes an entry entirely.



Do you know any words for orgasm in Arabic? Colloquialisms? Slang? Please tell me! Even if they are not scientific words, certainly words worth knowing!

I’d like to do research on the concept in Arabic and Islamic sources.

Under The Roses

Won’t you kiss me like before

when were were children

by the well . . ?

I hear church bells,

church bells . . .

my tears swell and my eyelids turn red and tender,

I fall asleep and deep in the forest

where we can quiet time

from roaring past . . .

surrender . .

from behind a waterfall

it’s just us, anyway . .

I close my eyes for eternity

and bury my face in your chest,

you’re so warm to the touch . .

I feel your blood in a rush to the surface,

“Shhh… just rest… shh… is it okay..? ”

and through my muffled screams

through lilies and in pearly streams

you silence me and

gently in vanilla scented dreams,

you press the memories away

and your eyes glow like moonlight

and promise me everything will be all right . .

it’s just us . . .

under the roses . . .

in twilight . . .


Back to Japanese after 10 years, Spring Semester 2018

So, I have been wanting to study Chinese forever… The closest I ever got was when I took first year Japanese as an undergraduate. This developed into a love for Japan, and well you know I worked as an English teacher in Japan for a time.
I haven’t studied Japanese formally since 2008! I have picked up the grammar and sayings over the years, but Chinese characters are still a mystery to me. It seems that, though I am registered for Japanese … I am studying Chinese!!
I made a little comment in class “Can’t we just use Hiragana only?” (the alphabet that I know to read) snubbing Chinese influence …. oops!! Was I being a Japanese nationalist? Speaking of nationalism, I am taking a class with on Nationalism in the Middle East. Wow… what a syllabus!
Kanji quiz in the morning!!