New Poem, Bloodied Roses

For my first post, I would like to share the script of the poem I recently performed at a fantastic event at Columbia organized by the Muslim Writers Collective and the Muslim Protagonist writers groups. I performed an English language poem of my own creation titled, “Bloodied Roses.” I actually had edited a few lines prior to performing, but printed out an earlier version, and had to improvise on the spot. Well then, enjoy this final public version and my personal recitation. Also, I hope you had a happy new moon in Scorpio weekend! I certainly did.

the essence of love
is it devotion
something immaterial
i succumb to
bloodied roses
an ocean
of dark red oozes
through her
from her eyes
drips remorse
I’m numb, paralysed, like always
my body ice crystal
his lies grate at my insides
i feel nothing
master i’m devoted
i’m totally powerless now
play resist as if i could say no
was this your plan all along?
did i set my own trap?
you knew
i’d do anything
it’s my own fault
a mineral
a grain
into our universe
your heart
i climb align, perverse,
expand then reverse
into a tiny seedling
climbing my top lip
numb and attached to you
a vine suffocating
my neck rains
a snake and blood stains
you force
your skin
a horse
im bound
a prop
i lie
all day
your doll
your kitten
i’m bound
I’m bound
I’m bound
blood pours
i’m yours
a rope hung
snug and safe and sound
your teeth
i beg to
want you
kiss me
i’m your kitten

September 17, 2017