white roses

a silver light like moonlight on wooly spray like dew on dark blue three beams of candle light show through the steam and giggle on my skin bent and curved, spent deserved something you said i saw you i saw it you bled

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Feed Me Diamonds

I’m here if you want to hang me up and bleed me, my love for you, it’s simple, blindness¬† . . . hypnosis¬† . . . In the silence, as usual it’s useless to resist You do what you want to: feed me diamonds, feel my body shaking, swollen like a hurricane, bite at the […]

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Obsession II

In our love game, you glitter high up in the black majestic, perfect, you get me every time you land on my planet pure silvery wine intoxicated by your essence you lift my chin up, pour in then drip down my spine .. Why do you defy me? said the look in your eyes … […]

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I am she, Astarte

I am she, owner and beholder of the prophecy My name? My name is poetry. I am Inanna, Aisha, and Mary, I am Astarte, bow now And Hear my clear voice Now rise, by my grace, and say my name: I am the dark matrix, I am the source of the sun and the stars! […]

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I learned today that the American Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. does not contain Arabic versions of the Bible (thank goodness for scholarship!). This was a real disappointment to me, for the image of Christ and his martyrdom is a powerful one for Arab Christians and Muslims alike. On the other side of […]

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New Poem, Bloodied Roses

For my first post, I would like to share the script of the poem I recently performed at a fantastic event at Columbia organized by the Muslim Writers Collective and the Muslim Protagonist writers groups. I performed an English language poem of my own creation titled, “Bloodied Roses.” I actually had edited a few lines […]

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