Queen of New York (Almond Roppongi)

Go boy get that work

When you fly back

With a bag

bad as Beijing

I’ll be in the hood red hot

In a money dance

Keeping the peace

silver like moonlight…

Honey bear,

Do you feel the scenario?

Fresh off the runway

Or at the towers

I’ll have the water going

Gangster boy I don’t leave you

Cus you do it for me

Been holding out for me so

I’ll stretch it out like

Salt water toffy…

Only want my Almond double latte

Baby boy, my only boy — he bougie!

Styled low key like the Last King of NY

We can roll in Brooklyn, LIC

I’m good everywhere

Cali, Pacific Northwest,

Your empress,

Silk dress

— Queen of NYC

Silver Lace

Sweet like suicide

leaking from the inside

torn heart

blood drop at needle point

ink blot

satellitium of swords

titanium rounds

wrist wet soaking







you know us

now you know us


on your coca lines

It was crunch time

now so magnanimous

Known in LA London Soho

Beijing Soho

Midtown RoRo

Effortless I’m in Tokyo

Crash in on your show

shout out Kabuki-cho

now take some more

like I’m a fucking ghost

Feeling so right

no time for date night

I’ll meet you at the port

and when I’m out in town

let’s talk over dinner I can

give you top like I’m a fucking cop

then I give you none like I’m a fucking nun

less you with the funds and the Porsche

then son it’s all yours

seashells seashores

ho hum come all the time yum

silver lace and a dime

like I’m a wedding rhyme

like an angel’s sigh

Lolita cried

like Cleopatra eye

Chariot whip nine

bridles i’m immortal

win a trial by fire

unlimited power

It was reckoning hour